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VAWA Renewal Provides Opportunity to Stop Destruction of Innocent Cops’ Careers
Ft. Worth Star-Telegram
Tallahassee Democrat (7/19/05)
Daily Breeze [Los Angeles] (7/19/05)
LewRockwell.com (7/20/05)


Not the Era of the Deadbeat Dad but the Era of the Hero Father
Ft. Worth Star-Telegram (6/19/05)
Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star (6/19/05)


This Year Daddy Began a Comeback
Riverside Press-Enterprise (6/19/05)


California’s Military Reservists Need SB 1082
Riverside Press-Enterprise (4/14/05)


Do Women Really Want a Male Birth Control Pill?
Newsday (4/11/05)
LewRockwell.com (4/22/05)


Domestic Violence Series Substitutes Emotion for Facts
San Francisco Chronicle (4/8/05)
LewRockwell.com (4/12/05)


Laws Must Protect the Rights of Military Dads
Army Times
, Marine Corps Times (3/28/05)


New Study of Youth Shows It’s Boys Who Are in Crisis
Los Angeles Times (3/20/05)


‘Sperm Theft’ Ruling a Step Forward for Men’s Reproductive Rights
Houston Chronicle (3/6/05)
Ft. Worth Star-Telegram (3/9/05)
Cybercast News Service (3/9/05)


New Report on Maternal Homicide Crisis: Myth-Making and Manbashing
Lexington Herald-Leader
Cybercast News Service (1/10/05)


Why I Launched the Campaign Against Verizon's Anti-Father Ad
Pasadena Star-News
& Affiliated Papers (11/18/04)
Daily Breeze [Los Angeles] (11/19/04)
Cybercast News Service (11/23/04)


Start of School Very Different for Parents of Boys, Parents of Girls
Washington Times (9/12/04)
Albuquerque Journal (9/10/04)
Omaha World-Herald (9/4/04)
LewRockwell.com (9/22/04)
Cybercast News Service


'Fatal Fathers' Myth Promoted in Wake of Peterson, Hacking Cases
Daily Breeze [Los Angeles] (9/17/04)
Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star (9/16/04)


Research Shows False Accusations of Rape Common
Los Angeles Daily Journal (9/15/04)
San Francisco Daily Journal
World Net Daily (9/18/04)


Ruling in High-Profile Marks Custody Case: Painful but Correct
Men's News Daily (9/14/04)


Kobe Bryant Ruling a Step Towards Equity in Rape Trials
San Francisco Chronicle (8/1/04)


New Study Shows Massachusetts' Child Support Guidelines Among Worst in Nation
Massachusetts News (7/28/04)
The Liberator (Fall, 2004)


New Study Shows Child Support Guidelines in Need of Reform
Daily Breeze [Los Angeles] (6/20/04)


The Future of the American Father
Address to the 2004 Men's Rights Congress, Washington DC (6/19/04)


US Supreme Court: Noncustodial Parents Have no Rights a Court Need Respect
Chicago Sun-Times (6/17/04)
Los Angeles Daily News (6/16/04)


National Fatherhood Initiative's Ad Campaign Insults African-American Fathers
Pasadena Star-News & Affiliated Papers (6/14/04)
Daily Breeze
[Los Angeles] (5/25/04)


Powder Attack on Tony Blair Done in Service of a Just Cause
Cybercast News Service (5/25/04)
Economist.com (5/26/04)
Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star (6/20/04)


It's Child Support Guidelines that Need Surgery, Not 'Deadbeat Dads'
Cincinnati Post (5/12/04)
Kentucky Post
Cybercast News Service (5/13/04)


Is a Pool More Important than a Dad?
San Francisco Chronicle (5/4/04)
Los Angeles Daily News (5/4/04)
Jewish World Review (5/7/04)


California Senate Leader to Family Courts: Don't Consider Children's Best Interests
Daily Breeze [Los Angeles] (4/6/04)


Military Service Costs Some Men Their Children
Honolulu Star-Bulletin (3/16/04)


Will Some Reservists' Homecoming Be a Jail Cell?
Chicago Sun-Times (3/3/04)


California NOW Takes Stand Against Working Mothers
Sarasota Herald-Tribune (2/23/04)


Michael Moore, You Used to Be My Hero
Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star (2/8/04)
Cybercast News Service (2/17/04)


Why I Launched the Campaign Against 'Boys are Stupid' Products
Los Angeles Daily News (2/4/04)


Defrauded Veterans Have Mixed Emotions on Veterans Day
Daily Breeze [Los Angeles] (11/11/03)


In Defense of Spiderman
Cybercast News Service (11/11/03)


New California Move-Away Law Hurts Children of Divorce
Long Beach Press Telegram (10/18/03)
Daily Breeze (Los Angeles) (10/28/03)
Cybercast News Service (10/31/03)


Convicted Murderess Can Get Custody but Decent Fathers Can't
Houston Chronicle (9/19/03)


New Study Punctures Myth of Uncaring Divorced Dad


NCFM-LA's Lawsuit Against Shelters is Valid Response to County's Refusal to Help Abused Men
Daily Breeze (Los Angeles) (6/22/03)


Plaintiff in Suit Against LA DV Shelters is Right to Demand Services for Abused Men
Los Angeles Daily News (6/12/03)


Many Divorced Dads Struggle to Remain in Their Children's Lives
Long Beach Times (6/5/03)


New Study, Case May Help California Children of Divorce
Pasadena Star-News & Affiliated Papers (6/5/03)


The Betrayal of the Military Father
Los Angeles Daily News (5/4/03)


Mysterious Decline-Where Are the Men on Campus?
published by The Disinformation Company (May, 2003)


Dr. Helen Caldicott Spits on My Grandfather
Cybercast News Service (3/28/03)


Men, Women and Work
IFeminists (3/18/03)


Iraqi Draftees: We Should Care about Their Boys, Too
Pasadena Star-News & Affiliated Papers (2/27/03)


In Defense of David Harris


Valentine's Day & the Gender Wars
Newsday (2/12/03)
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (2/14/03)
Hartford Courant (2/14/03)
Providence Journal (2/16/03)


The Best Valentine's Day Gift for College Students: Gender Reconciliation
She Thinks (2/13/03)


Undermining the American Family
Human Events


30 Years After Roe v. Wade, How About Choice for Men?
Mail & Guardian (1/27/03)


Families and the War
Washington Times (11/21/02)
World Net Daily (11/26/02)


Why Males Don't Go to College
She Thinks (11/13/02)


Indiana Woman's 'Housework Strike': Maybe It's Husbands Who Should Strike
Gary Post-Tribune (11/8/02)


When Men's Health Doesn't Count
Norfolk Virginian-Pilot (10/9/02)


Preserving Paternity Fraud
Orange County Register (10/3/02)


Can Abolishing Sole Custody Curb Divorce?
New York Sun (10/2/02)


Equal Parents Week Highlights Need for Family Court Reform
Lansing State Journal


Michigan Reform Plan Fights Rising Paternity Fraud
Detroit News (9/25/02)


Shared Custody Could Help Prevent Abductions
Colorado Springs Gazette (9/22/02)


The 'Boy Parent Dilemma'
Los Angeles Daily News (9/6/02)

Pasadena Star-News & Affiliated Papers


Divorced from Reality on Child Support
Newark Star-Ledger (9/6/02)


Tennessee Appellate Court Sends Message: Second Families Count
Memphis Commercial Appeal


Dads Deserve to Know
Washington Times (8/22/02)


Fathers Bear the Brunt of Gender Bias in Family Courts
Insight magazine (8/19/02)


Baseball Player's Domestic Violence Arrest Demonstrates How Men are Presumed Guilty in Domestic Disputes
Los Angeles Daily Journal (8/8/02)
San Francisco Daily Journal


Pennsylvania Abortion Case Raises Question of Choice for Men
Newsday (8/7/02)
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (8/11/02)


The 'Deadbeat Dad' Canard
Sacramento Bee


No Virtue in Virtual Visitation
Boston Globe (7/12/02)


California NOW's Family Court Report 2002: Faulty Research, False Conclusions
Los Angeles Daily Journal (7/11/02)
San Francisco Daily Journal (7/11/02)


Have Anti-Father Family Court Policies Led to a Men's Marriage Strike?
Philadelphia Inquirer (7/5/02)
NewsMax.com (7/5/02)
World Net Daily (7/6/02)


Colorado Arsonist Terry Barton's Smart Strategy: When in Trouble, Blame a Man
iFeminists.com (7/2/02)
Cybercast News Service (7/3/02)


Why Are There so Many Women in the Fathers' Movement?
Minneapolis Star-Tribune (6/21/02)


American Fathers Get a Bad Rap
Cybercast News Service (6/17/02)


Kuehl's Marriage License Bill Ignores Male Victims of Domestic Violence
Los Angeles Daily Journal (6/13/02)
San Francisco Daily Journal (6/13/02)


Kitaen Plays the 'Woman's Trump Card' Against Finley in Custody Battle
Cybercast News Service (5/28/02)
Santa Clarita Signal


Stay-at-Home Dads: A Practical Solution to the Career Woman's Dilemma
Newsday (5/22/02)
Philadelphia Inquirer (5/29/02)
Louisville Courier-Journal (5/29/02)
Minneapolis Star-Tribune (5/31/02)
Lexington Herald-Leader (7/7/02)


California Child Support Bill Will Help Newly Released Prisoners Rebuild Their Lives
Los Angeles Daily Journal (5/9/02)
San Francisco Daily Journal


Is There a Batterer in the US Senate?
World Net Daily (5/8/02)
Cybercast News Service (5/7/02)


Dowd on Women and the 'Baby Bust': It's All Men's Fault
Cybercast News Service (4/18/02)


Boys: The New Underclass in American Schools
Los Angeles Daily Journal (4/15/02)
San Francisco Daily Journal (


New Survey Confirms Men Do Fair Share of Household Work
Pasadena Star-News & Affiliated Papers (4/7/02)


Hate My Father?  No Ma'am!
World Net Daily (4/8/02)
She Thinks (4/6/02)
Cybercast News Service (4/8/02)


Confronting Woman-Bashing In the Men's Movement
iFeminists.com (4/2/02)


New Study Finds Myths, Misrepresentations in Women's Studies Textbooks
Cybercast News Service (4/1/02)


Paternity Fraud Victims Need Justice
Los Angeles Daily News (3/15/02)


In Defense of a Flawed but Decent Russell Yates
Houston Chronicle (3/11/02)


The US Case Against John Walker Lindh: Distinctly Underwhelming
Washington Free Press (3/02)


Tennessee Shared Parenting Bill Could Help Children, Reduce Divorce
Memphis Commercial Appeal (2/28/02)


Shouldn't Men Have a Choice, Too?
Los Angeles Daily Journal (2/18/02)
San Francisco Daily Journal


Should Men Still be Expected to Pay for Dates?
St. Louis Post-Dispatch (2/14/02)


Eve Ensler's V-Day: For Women, Afghanistan is Everywhere
Cybercast News Service (2/12/02)
Santa Clarita Signal


In Defense of John Walker's Parents
Los Angeles Times (2/2/02)


California Mother's Triple Murders Show Cost of Ignoring Female Abusers
Dallas Libertarian Post (2/4/02)
iFeminists.com (1/24/02)


Jordan vs. Jordan: In Defense of Michael Jordan
iFeminist.com (1/24/02)
Santa Clarita Signal (2/1/02)


Almost John Walker
Washington Times (1/25/02)


Distraught Father's Courthouse Suicide Highlights America's Male Suicide Epidemic
San Diego Union-Tribune (1/11/02)
Pasadena Star-News & Affiliated Papers


The Price of Fatherhood--a Father's Reply to Ann Crittenden's ‘Mothers' Manifesto'
Los Angeles Daily Journal (1/10/02)
San Francisco Daily Journal


Men's ‘Silent Health Crisis' Cries Out for Men's Health Act
Los Angeles Daily Journal (12/18/01)
San Francisco Daily Journal
Pasadena Star-News & Affiliated Papers


In Defense of John Walker
San Francisco Chronicle (12/9/01)
Philadelphia Inquirer (12/9/01)


The Teachers' ‘Code of Silence'
Los Angeles Daily News (12/2/01)
Biloxi Sun-Herald
Front Page Magazine


The Hero Without a Country
Daily Bruin (11/21/01)


Popular Women's Studies 101 Textbook: Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics
Cybercast News Service (11/7/01)


California Men's College Sports Under Assault from NOW
Los Angeles Daily Journal (10/29/01)
San Francisco Daily Journal


Prisoners in Their Own Homes: Male Victims of Elder Abuse
Santa Clarita Signal (10/29/01)


Horowitz's 'Letter to Anti-War Demonstrators' Is Poor History Lesson
Daily Bruin (10/23/01)


Domestic Violence: A Two-Way Street
Los Angeles Daily Journal (10/15/01)
San Francisco Daily Journal


4 Feminist Myths about Domestic Violence
Daily Bruin (10/12/01)


Why I Miss the Cold War
Los Angeles Daily Journal (10/2/01)
San Francisco Daily Journal
Pasadena Star-News & Affiliated Papers (10/11/01)


U.S. Policy Has Betrayed Afghan Women for 20 Years
Women's Freedom Network Newsletter (9/01)


Attacks on American Muslims Reaffirm Wisdom of 2nd Amendment
Pasadena Star-News & Affiliated Papers (9/19/01)


All Americans Need to Stand Up for U.S. Arabs, Muslims
Pasadena Star-News & Affiliated Papers (9/16/01)


Title IX Lawsuits are Endangering Men's College Sports
Los Angeles Daily News (9/7/01)
Pasadena Star-News & Affiliated Papers


Russia's Free-Market Revolution at 10: An Unmitigated Disaster
Los Angeles Daily Journal (8/27/01)
San Francisco Daily Journal


Nowhere to Go: Why Does LA County Refuse to Help Male Victims of Domestic Violence?
Los Angeles Daily News (8/21/01)

Pasadena Star-News & Affiliated Papers


Bush Could Usher in Hydrogen Age as Kennedy Did Space Age
Santa Barbara News-Press (8/12/01)
Los Angeles Daily Journal (8/13/01)
San Francisco Daily Journal
Sacramento Business Journal


Misandry and Modern American Jewish Culture: Why I Didn’t Marry a Jewish Woman
Intermountain Jewish News (Denver) (7/20/01)


Female Murderers Seen in a Different Light: Society Prefers to View Violent Women as Victims
Pasadena Star-News & Affiliated Papers (7/5/01)


How to Bring Back Our Fathers
Chicago Tribune (6/17/01)
Salt Lake City Tribune
Los Angeles Daily News


Father Care: The Other Child Care Option
W. New York Family Magazine (6/01)


Why I'm no Longer a Teacher
Los Angeles Daily News (5/27/01)
Pasadena Star-News & Affiliated Papers (5/31/01)


Is Pay a Function of Gender Bias?
Los Angeles Times (5/12/01)


Controversial IWF Ad is Accurate, Exposes Anti-Male Distortions
Daily Bruin





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